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At Hiimmagya Cold Storage & Frozen Foods Pvt.Ltd., Research and Development is to ensure the food products made with Latest Upgraded technologies and 100% Regulatory compliance.

Research and Development is the systematic activity combining both basic and applied research aimed at discovering new products & discovering new knowledge for improving the effectiveness of existing products for the innovation of business enterprise.

Research and Development is

To Innovate and introduce new products and services.

To minimise the product loss and processing cost.

To add maximum value by achieving high quality standards.

To develop wholesome food with pleasant sensory attributes.

To develop new products which are essential if the company is to generate profits in the medium and long term.

To develop products by identifying customer wants and needs.

We shall ensure that these principles are known, understood and applied by the company so that our R&D system translates into a strengthening of our actions and into a continuous improvement in our results.

We will regularly review that these principles are being put into practice.